Business Manager Facebook Verified (BM25, 20 accounts are empty) | Spending 8k$ | Full documents, Full Via


Account Type Business Manager Facebook Verified (BM25, 20 accounts are empty)
Country Radom
Live Ads Yes
Verified Yes
Full Documents Yes
Full Via Yes
Your order will be delivered in 24 hours


Business Manager Facebook Verified (BM25 Verified)

  • Facebook BMs are transferred to your personal account as an invitation link. 

  • BM created on Aged Trusted Profile mostly from US/EU countries

  • Max ad accounts count 1

  • Daily spending limit radom

You Will Get With Accounts BM Verified

  • Id|Link

  • Full documents

  • Full Via

* Notes : We will provide business ID | Link after you have successfully registered to buy. You will log in the link first, then contact us so that the Admin Business rights are completely yours, we will not be allowed to have Admin rights in your account anymore.




  • 1 replace 1 if BM gets disabled without any activity and hasn't changed any information.


* Note: BM88 always supports customers 24/7 for all problems related to Facebook accounts after purchasing, fixing errors or any other problems related to the supplier. Customers need support contact via Tele Whatsapp and official Facebook of BM88. 



  • Verified accounts: All Social Tradia accounts must pass an authenticity check first, giving buyers much greater confidence in their purchase.

  • Confidence in transactions: All customer transactions will always be 100% secure. If you have any feedback or questions during the transaction and payment process, please visit Tickit (link tickit) for support and answers.

  • Thousands of accounts are available: If you’re looking for a site that offers plenty of opportunities, Social Tradia typically has thousands available at any one time.

  • Money-back guarantee: BM88's system will be responsible for refunding or replacing another account if the purchased account has any errors made by BM88.


Price Will be Depend What Kind Of Account U Wanna Purchase.

  • Instant delivery after payment. Sometimes it may take 1 hour - 24 hours (depending on country & quantity).

  • 3 To 5 Days For Replacement Guarantee Depend which One u r Buying ( If Account Block or Ask Security Check Some How Or BM Disabled)

  • You need to accept the invitation link within 24 hours after the order receiving

  • After connecting Business Manager to your profile, be sure to remove administrators when the opportunity arises or let us know to leave

NOTE: To accept the invitation, you must already have the warmed-up account.

Terms :

  • All Sellers are Final No Refund Available After Sell

  • And If Account Lock After The replacement time Over then

  • No Replacement will be Available After That For This Account Replace Only Available If it Lock within Replacement Time

  • Accessible from any country.

  • All accounts are manually created & fully fresh.

  • Good Quality accounts bm25 verified

Payment Method

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Instructions for depositing money into website

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Instructions for creating invitation links to BM

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Instructions for logging into Facebook when buying via at

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Safe Via Change Process Without Worrying Checkpoint

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