Azure clould account Pay As You Go warranty

Delivery after payment or 1- 24 hours then.


What You Will Get:
[+] Cloud account + email.

New Replacement Warranty Applied If:
[+] Can not login for the first time.
[+] Failed to create (RDP/VPS) for the first time
[+] Balance is empty/inappropriate (For those who have credit).
[+] Already 100% follow our guide (If there is. Given when receiving order)
[+] Not violating platform TOS 

[+] Sign out to devices that aren't yours

* Note: BM88 always supports customers 24/7 for all problems related to Facebook accounts after purchasing, fixing errors or any other problems related to the supplier. Customers need support contact via Tele, Whatsapp, Skype and official Facebook of BM88. 


Price Will be Depend What Kind Of Account U Wanna Purchase.

  • Our offered services:

  • Delivery immediately after purchase.

  • (Sometimes it may take 1 hour to 24 hours depending on the type of account and the quantity)

  • Customer Support 24/7

  • Support customers with account-related issues after purchase, or warranty replacement with another account.

  • No Refunds After Purchase All sales are final

Terms :

  • All Sellers are Final No Refund Available After Sell

  • And If Account Lock After The replacement time Over then no Replacement will be Available After That For This Account Replace Only Available If it Lock within Replacement Time

  • Accessible from any country.

  • All accounts are manually created by real person & fully fresh.

  • Good Quality accounts.

Payment Method

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